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International Travel Insurance from €1.65!

Why should you get an international travel insurance?

Good travel insurance could help you to stay a bit calmer even in unforeseen situations. With the proper assistance service you won’t find yourself alone even in a dire situation, like when you need a helicopter rescue. What’s more, CHERRISK online Travel Insurance has a hard to beat price to value ratio!

  • EuropeContinental Europe

  • Outside Europe(excl. USA/Canada)

  • USA and Canada🍔 & 🍁


Why should you purchase your travel insurance policy online on CHERRISK?

  • Premium service, affordable price

    Due to our unique solutions your fees are spent on what’s most important: quality.

  • Lightning fast quotes

    With our calculator you can get your travel insurance quote in the blink of an eye!

  • Play it safe

    Are you worried you won't be able to travel? A cancellation policy may protect you financially!

What is covered?

International Travel Insurance

Coverage for accidents

Coverage for health

Benefits with respect to travel companions

Coverage for baggage

Coverage for legal services

Communication costs

Coverage for mobility

Coverage for termination after the start of the Journey

Travel Insurance Q&A

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Where should I look for general information before travelling?

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