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On this page you can find short and easy to understand answers to the most common questions about CHERRISK. (Although we’ve tried to include every important bit here, for more detailed answers see our Legal page.)


Where does the name CHERRISK come from?
Where is CHERRISK based as a company?
How do I know that CHERRISK is a reliable company?

Customer services and documents

How can I contact you?
How does chat work at CHERRISK?
Where can I find the documents related to my insurance?


What kind of insurances does CHERRISK offer?

Foreign Travel Insurance

Why do I need a Travel Insurance?
Where can I take out CHERRISK Travel Insurance?
What does CHERRISK Travel Insurance cover?
How long is Travel Insurance valid?
How can I cancel my annual travel coverage?
Are there special tariffs for couples or families?
Is CHERRISK Travel Insurance valid in war affected regions such as Ukraine?
What constitutes Europe under the Foreign Travel Insurance?
Is there a deductible?
How can I extend my daily Travel Insurance?
Which travel destinations are covered?
Is skiing and snowboarding covered by the CHERRISK Foreign Travel Insurance?
What does flight delay cover mean and how is it different than cancellation?
Where should I look for general information before travelling?
Are roaming charges or charges related to the use of a Wi-Fi network included?

Travel Cancellation & Interruption coverage

What is Travel Cancellation & Interruption coverage?
Where can I get CHERRISK Travel Cancellation & Interruption coverage?
Can I take out CHERRISK Travel Cancellation & Interruption coverage independently?
How long is Travel Cancellation & Interruption coverage valid?
How can I terminate my annual Cancellation & Interruption coverage?
How shortly before my trip can I take out Cancellation & Interruption coverage?
Which travel destinations are covered by Cancellation & Interruption coverage?
How much compensation can I expect if I have to cancel or interrupt my trip?
Is there a deductible?

Household Insurance

Why is it important to have Household Insurance?
Where can I take out CHERRISK Household Insurance?
Which plans and add-ons can I choose from?
What is the payout limit?
What coverages can I add to or remove from my CHERRISK Household Insurance?
Is there a deductible?
Can I choose how often do I pay my Household premium?
Are my household objects insured outside my home?
Are my household objects insured in my car?
Are my household objects insured outside my home?
Are my household objects insured in my car?
How can I cancel my Household Insurance?

Accident Insurance

Can I change the sums insured?
What is special about the sums insured and benefits?
Does CHERRISK Accident Insurance Germany cover damage incurred abroad?
What sports passes are covered by CHERRISK Accident Insurance Germany?
What if I am injured? How much does the insurer pay if I can't work out?
What is a car sharing service?
How can I terminate my CHERRISK Accident Insurance?


How can I report a claim?
How long do I have to report a claim?
I have suffered damage. When is a payment made?


How can I pay the premium?
Why is it only possible to pay a monthly premium for my CHERRISK Household Insurance and CHERRISK Accident Insurance?
So will I take out CHERRISK Household Insurance or CHERRISK Accident Insurance for one month, or flexibly for any length of time?
What is the policy date in the context of CHERRISK Household Insurance or CHERRISK Accident Insurance?
What happens if I forget to pay the next CHERRISK Household Insurance or CHERRISK Accident Insurance premium in time?
What do I need to do if I get a new bank card?


What is this community thing?
What are the community objectives?
How can I support a community objective?
How does the voting work?
When and how will the collected sum for community objectives be paid?


Why was CHERRISK GO created?
How can I collect cherries?
How does the CHERRISK GO app calculate the five-minute sessions?
How does CHERRISK GO identify my activities?
CHERRISK GO has misinterpreted my activity!
I did not get my cherries!
Where can I get help?
What are goodies?
How much battery drain does the CHERRISK GO app cause?
I experience high battery usage on an Android phone.
My activities are not recognised even though GPS access is granted on my Android phone.
Can I collect cherries if there is no SIM card in my phone?
What if I get a new phone?
When will new goodies be available?
I don't know what a cherry-code is; I can't register.

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