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CHERRISK Community by the numbers:

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Are you looking for insurances with great price-value ratio? CHERRISK was made for you!

Who did we help so far?

The awesome CHERRISK Community already helped Bátor Tábor, Heim Pál Gyermekkórház and Bogáncs Kutyaotthon among several other foundations.

You can learn more about our charity projects from our case studies on our blog!

Case studies

How to be a part of it?

  1. We’re constantly looking for foundations to support.

    We’re contacting these organizations and ask if they have great charitable plans that we can back with our community’s help.

  2. Every now and then we vote about the suggestions.

    Luckily, anyone can participate in this part too, but one person can only vote once.

  3. The most popular suggestion will become a charitable cause.

    Anyone can support a cause through our free app, CHERRISK GO. In the application you can get virtual cherries by living an active life. These cherries (among other awesome goodies) can be converted to donations! Don’t worry, donation is far from being virtual: it’s real money that’s awarded to the organization at the end of this period.


Come, join us!

Be part of the community that really cares for its members!