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Lightning fast home insurance from CHERRISK

What makes CHERRISK Home Insurance special?

We care about owners and renters just the same. With our home insurance calculator you can get your quote in the blink of an eye. If you’re a renter, you can easily get your own things insured, too! All this without an annual contract in a pay as you go plan.

  • 60 sqmflat (Munich):
    From €4.40 /month
  • 100 sqmhouse (Berlin):
    From €6.40 /month
  • 190 sqmhouse (Heidelberg):
    From €12.40 /month

Why should you purchase your home insurance policy online on CHERRISK?

  • Premium service, affordable price

    Due to our unique solutions your fees are spent on what’s most important: quality.

  • Claims are paid lightning fast

    We pay claims pretty fast! On average we settle our home insurance claims within days.

  • Forget annual contracts

    With CHERRISK’s pay as you go plans you can forget long-term commitments!

What is covered?

Physical event

Property Crime

Tap water

Nature Events

Insured Object

Consequential cost

Home Insurance Q&A

Does the insurance cover high-value movables such as paintings, works of art, jewelry etc.?
What does the insurance for “Movables carried along” cover?
How can I terminate my CHERRISK Household Insurance?

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