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Buy a home insurance without leaving your home

Bike, glass, natural disasters – all included in one great package

What's common in a broken window, a TV damaged by lightning and a stolen bike? CHERRISK Household Insurance covers it all. What’s more, we cover your things – like laptops and cameras – outside your home too! And, believe it or not, it's fairly affordable too. Getting interested? Check our coverage details below or let us calculate your monthly premium right away.

  • 69 sqmflat (Munich):
    From €4.07 /month
  • 77 sqmhouse (Stuttgart):
    From €4.40 /month
  • 89 sqmhouse (Köln):
    From €7.40 /month

A few more reasons to choose CHERRISK

  • Marked with 1.4 at CHECK24

    We’re not only good, we’re very good, says the comparison website. Just put our Home Insurance to the test on CHECK24.

  • Backed by UNIQA Group

    We might be cutting edge, but we’re funded by an insurance company with more than 15 million customers.

  • CHERRISK ❤ Dekra

    CHERRISK’s claim handling is helped by Dekra, the biggest insurance inspection company in Germany.

What's covered?

Burglary, Robbery

Physical event

Property Crime

Tap water

Nature Events

Insured Object

Consequential cost

Glass breakage

Home Insurance Q&A

What coverages can I add to or remove from my CHERRISK Household Insurance?
Does the insurance cover high-value movables such as paintings, works of art, jewelry etc.?
What does the insurance for “Movables carried along” cover?
How can I terminate my CHERRISK Household Insurance?

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