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What makes CHERRISK Accident Insurance so special?

Cycling is our passion, that's why CHERRISK Accident Insurance covers it (along with several other sports) without any extra fees! We also know that an accident can damage your bike as well, but our reimbursements and swift claim handling can help you fix it or purchase a new one! We saved the best for last: with CHERRISK you can forget annual contracts, so you only have to pay for an insurance in the months you actually ride your bike!

  • Adult
    From €4/month
  • Child
    From €2.75/month

Why should you purchase your accident policy online on CHERRISK?

  • We love cyclists!

    CHERRISK Accident Insurance covers cycling (along with several other sports) without any extra fees!

  • Get discounts for cycling!

    Download CHERRISK GO, ride your bike and get 10% discount from your insurance!

  • Pay when you ride

    Forget long-term commitments, and pay for your insurance only when you actually ride your bike!

Coverage details:

Benefits because of Disability

Lost income

Benefits after Operations



Cost for Search and rescue, Patient transport

Day-to-day life

Maximum Coverage

Accident Insurance Q&A

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