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A new accident insurance for your new lifestyle

From home office accidents to sports injuries – all covered in one package

Feeling safe everywhere is more important than ever before. That’s why we’ve created CHERRISK Accident Insurance. No matter if you stay in all week, hike or bike, CHERRISK Accident Insurance offers a simple and great package. Check out what’s included and calculate your premium now.

  • Adult
    From €4/month
  • Child
    From €2.75/month

A few more reasons to choose CHERRISK

  • Made in the EU

    CHERRISK is made by experts from around the EU and is 100% compliant with European regulations, including GDPR.

  • Backed by UNIQA Group

    We might be cutting edge, but we’re funded by an insurance company with more than 15 million customers.

  • CHERRISK ❤ Dekra

    CHERRISK’s claim handling is helped by Dekra, the biggest insurance inspection company in Germany.

What's covered?

Benefits because of Disability

Lost income

Benefits after Operations



Cost for Search and rescue, Patient transport

Day-to-day life

Maximum Coverage

Accident Insurance Q&A

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