Ugrás a fő tartalomra

We’re a start-up backed by an insurance giant

CHERRISK is an insurtech powered by the Austrian UNIQA Group. We might have a fresh view on things, but our ideas come from UNIQA’s experience with more than 15 million customers. And while we have the DNA of an insurtech company, we still believe in the power of human interaction.

  • After years of planning, CHERRISK launched in 2018

  • We are present in two countries: Germany and Hungary

  • We have over 200,000 users in our ecosystem as of March 2021

  • Support charities & projects that work for communities’ safety & more sustainable practices through our community programme.

And we’re now just at the beginning of the CHERRISK (r)evolution.

Different people. Same goal.

CHERRISK is made for true individuals, so we are all different ourselves. We share one thing though: the passion for what we do. Another thing that we have in common is that we all love progress. We also love to live safe and healthy lives. That’s the goal we all work for as a team.