Ugrás a fő tartalomra

With us you can adapt easier to an unpredictable world.

We help, we support, we insure

We help people adapting to the world, so they can live a better life. We support charities, so they can build a better future. Life’s still unpredictable, and that’s why we started our journey by making better insurances.

  • Help our clients to prepare for sudden challenges better with our insurance products.

  • Aid our followers to learn more about a safer, eco-conscious life - with our blog.

  • Inspire & reward our users to create better habits for a sustainable future with our app.

  • Support charities & projects that work for communities’ safety & more sustainable practices through our community programme.

And we keep working on finding new ways to support their needs and efforts in adapting for a better future.

Different people. Same goal.

CHERRISK is made for true individuals, so we are all different ourselves. We share one thing though: the passion for what we do. Another thing that we have in common is that we all love progress. We also love to live safe and healthy lives. That’s the goal we all work for as a team.