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How to support?

All you have to do is to download our app: CHERRISK GO. In the application you can get virtual cherries for walking, running, cycling and driving without a cellphone. These activites yield you virtual cherries. These cherries can be converted to donations!


Support for TiMMI toHelp, Ein Herz für Rentner, #kochenfürhelden

We have 3 charity causes to support, that aim to ease the current situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic in Germany through our CHERRISK GO app. Would you like to help people who would otherwise have nothing? You can support TiMMi toHelp with your cherries, so that they can provide much needed hygienic products to the homeless in their emergency backpack. Would you rather help pensioners, the largest risk group during the Coronavirus pandemic? Ein Herz für Rentner e. V. not only helps them financially to get these much-needed articles, but also arranges shopping assistance for them. Do you think functional professionals and everyday heroes deserve extra help during the Corona crisis? #kochenfürhelden movement was created at the onset of the pandemic to provide meals to people who ensure that our lives can go on under the current circumstances.
TiMMI toHelp, Ein Herz für Rentner, #kochenfürhelden
€2,379/ €18,000
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Who did we help so far?

The awesome CHERRISK Community already helped Bátor Tábor, Heim Pál Gyermekkórház and Bogáncs Kutyaotthon among several other foundations.

You can learn more about our charity projects from our case studies on our blog!

Case studies

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