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How to support?

All you have to do is to download our app: CHERRISK GO. In the application you can get virtual cherries for walking, running, cycling and driving without a cellphone. These activites yield you virtual cherries. These cherries can be converted to donations!


Helping children with cancer with music therapy

Do you want to make little children with cancer smile again? Then support the Förderverein für krebskranke Kinder Tübingen e. V.! The non-profit association has been helping sick children and their families before, during and after treatment for over 35 years. Courage, help and hope, these are the mottos of the association. With your Cherries you can help the association to start its music therapy program. Through music children are able to express themselves in a creative way and thus get a distraction from the struggles of everyday life. How can you support this cause? It's very simple: with our CHERRISK GO app!
€5,974/ €6,000
99 %

Who did we help so far?

The awesome CHERRISK Community already helped Bátor Tábor, Heim Pál Gyermekkórház and Bogáncs Kutyaotthon among several other foundations.

You can learn more about our charity projects from our case studies on our blog!

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