Your home should mean the feeling of safety

CHERRISK Home Insurance gives you peace of mind

  • Fast and simple online purchase and service
  • Home office tools insured
  • Your belongings insured in your home and beyond
  • Home office tools insured

    If you work from home, your tools might get the protection needed.

  • On the go

    Your movables are insured wherever you take them.

  • Pet liability insurance

    This coverage can come handy if your pet causes trouble to someone.

What’s common in a broken window, a TV damaged by lightning, and a stolen bike?

CHERRISK Home Insurance contains it all. What’s more, it covers your things – like laptops and bikes – outside your home too! And, believe it or not, it’s pretty affordable too.

How much does it cost? Here are a few examples

How much would your insurance cost?
We can’t get you a price for this zip code.
945 HUF/month
11,340 HUF/year

What’s covered by your insurance?




Natural disasters

Burglary, Robbery

Liability Insurances



A few more reasons to choose CHERRISK

  • Trusted by more than 15 million people

    Our founder, UNIQA Insurance Group is one of the biggest insurance companies of CEE and sold over 15 million policies worldwide.

  • Fast and easy claims

    With us, you can file your claims anytime. Thanks to our digital solutions it might be even possible to receive payments just minutes after the report.

  • Forget commitments

    At CHERRISK we don’t believe in long-term contracts, so you can cancel your insurance anytime.

All about claims

Get to know how CHERRISK's fast and easy digital claim management works.

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Our colleagues are here to help

We might be 100% digital but 100% human too. We know when you need to talk to someone, it had better be a real person. Don’t be afraid to ask us anything, anytime.

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