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Buy and manage your accident insurance 100% online with CHERRISK

What makes CHERRISK Accident Insurance so special?

We cover several extreme sports (like mountain climbing, rafting, and paragliding) without any extra fees! We cover car-sharing insurance deductibles, too! Without insurance, you would be the one to pay this deductible. What’s more, we have seriously high coverage for child insurees!

  • Adult
    From €4/month
  • Child
    From €2.75/month

Why should you purchase your accident policy online on CHERRISK?

  • Premium service, affordable price

    Due to our unique solutions your fees are spent on what’s most important: quality.

  • Do everything online

    You can buy and manage your policy online, even from your smartphone

  • Forget annual contracts

    With CHERRISK’s pay as you go plans you can forget long-term commitments!

What does my policy cover?

Day-to-day life

Benefits after Operations

Lost income

Benefits because of Disability


Cost for Search and rescue, Patient transport


Maximum Coverage

Accident Insurance Q&A

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What is the sum insured?
Does CHERRISK Accident Insurance cover damage incurred abroad?
What sports passes are covered by CHERRISK Accident Insurance?
What if I am injured? How much does the insurer pay if I can't work out?
What is a car sharing service?
How can I terminate my CHERRISK Accident Insurance?

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