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Domestic Travel Insurance from €0.35/day!

Do you live an active life? This is why you should get domestic travel insurance!

Do you love hiking? Are you into extreme sports? A domestic travel insurance might be the perfect companion for you! Sure, national health insurance does the basics, but a policy could help you to stay a bit calmer even in unforeseen situations. To give you an example: the insurance covers the costs of helicopter rescue.

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Why should you purchase your travel insurance policy online on CHERRISK?

  • Premium service, affordable price

    Due to our unique solutions your fees are spent on what’s most important: quality.

  • Lightning fast quotes

    With our calculator you can get your travel insurance quote in the blink of an eye!

  • Play it safe

    Are you worried you won't be able to travel? A cancellation policy may protect you financially!

What is covered?

Domestic Travel Insurance

Benefits because of Disability

Lost income

Benefits after Operations



Cost for Search and rescue, Patient transport

Day-to-day life

Domestic Travel Insurance Q&A

Does the insurance cover incidents occurring in Germany only?
What if my dog runs away and bites a passer-by? Is this also covered?
Is the cost of replacing a lost ID card reimbursed by the insurance?
What benefit can I expect if I need hospital treatment due to an accident?
Does the insurance cover broken teeth caused by an accident?

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