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How does CHERRISK community work?

We support charitable causes!

We're looking for charitable causes that really make the world more sustainable and safer. Since transparency is important for us, we publish case studies about them after they come true.

With CHERRISK anyone can help!

All you have to do is to download our free app, CHERRISK GO. In the application you can get virtual cherries for walking, running, cycling and driving without a cellphone. These activites yield you virtual cherries.

These cherries (among other awesome goodies) can be converted to donations! At the end of this period, the organization gets the donation for its charitable cause!

Current causes

We’re constantly looking for foundations to support.

We’re constantly contacting organizations and ask if they have great charitable plans that we can back with our community’s help. If you’re a part of such an organization, feel free to contact us!

Come, join us!

Be part of the community that really cares for its members!